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KIT of 2 LED door lights with MERCEDES logo projection on the ground


Get in and out of your car in style, thanks to these MERCEDES logo headlamps.

This simple device will instantly make you and your car look more stylish.


It will reflect your car logo on the ground every time you open the door and automatically turn off when the door is closed. 



Before ordering, please check if your doors are well equipped with lighting and compare your original lights with our photos to see if the shape is the same.



Compatibility :


Class A (W176)  : 2013 to 2019
Class B (W246)   : 2012 to 2019 
Class C (W205):  2015 to 2019

Class E (W212 - W213)  : 2010 to 2019

GLC Class (X253)  : 2016 to 2019 

GLE Class (W292)  : 2015 to 2019

GLS Class (W166)  : 2016 to 2019

GLA Class (W156)  : 2013 to 2019

M-Class (W166)  : 2012 to 2015


Included  :

- 2  Mercedes logo door lights


LED door logo for: MERCEDES

Electric voltage: 9V-30V

Temperature: from -40 ° to + 100 °

Standards: CE

Lifetime warranty and Free Delivery from France!
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